Standards - Health Education


Analyze how strategies using verbal and nonverbal communication effectively can enhance health.

COS Examples

Examples: verbal – using positive interpersonal communication to avoid conflict

non-verbal – shaking hands, displaying positive facial expressions, making eye contact


Analyze options as well as outcomes, when pressured by peers to perform illegal acts.

COS Examples

Examples: underage drinking leading to being arrested, injury or death when not wearing a seat belt, riding a motorcycle without a helmet resulting in head injury


Analyze the relationship between access to health care and health status.

COS Examples

Examples: relationship between health insurance coverage and life expectancy; access to medical care including primary care physician, hospital, vaccines


Analyze the potential susceptibility to and severity of injury or illness if engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

COS Examples

Examples: possible consequences of driving under the influence, distracted driving, not taking required medications


Analyze the influence of external factors on health beliefs and behaviors.

Aligned Learning Resources


Analyze how family, culture, school, and community influence the health practice and behaviors of individuals.

COS Examples

Examples: explaining how holiday celebrations and traditions such as over indulgence in eating and consuming alcohol affect health behaviors; explaining how extra-curricular activities and schedules result in over-consumption of fast food