Standards - Health Education


Discuss effective conflict management or resolution strategies.

COS Examples

Example: five steps to resolve conflict: calm down, state and understand the problem, apologize, promote solution finding, follow-up


Distinguish when a self-decision should be made or if help should be sought from a responsible adult.

COS Examples

Examples: friends begin drinking, unsafe situation arises at school, suicidal friend, suspected abuse, seat belt use, suicidal thoughts


Determine when it is necessary to ask for assistance when making a health choice.

COS Examples

Examples: friend begins to self-harm, negative peer pressure


Describe changing abilities, priorities, and responsibilities that impact personal health goals.

COS Examples

Examples: age, injuries, changing jobs, leaving active school life to work, sedentary to walking, walking to jogging, jogging to running; eating poorly to making healthy food choices leading to weight loss or weight gain


Create ways to influence and support others in making positive health choices.

COS Examples

Examples: using social media campaigns, YouTube live campaign, posters; addressing local school board with the need for quality physical education and healthier food choices


Describe ways to reduce or prevent injuries and illness in adolescents as it pertains to family history, personal behaviors, and health care.