Standards - Driver & Traffic Safety Education


List situations that require drivers to bring vehicles to a complete stop.

COS Examples

Examples: approaching a school bus displaying red flashing lights and stop signal arm, exiting private property or parking lots, turning right on red, approaching a flagman directing traffic


Name situations that require drivers to yield right-of-way.

COS Examples

Examples: approaching and entering intersections, making left turns, entering highways, approaching railroad grade crossings, encountering emergency vehicles


Explain requirements mandated by the Alabama Department of Public Safety regarding motor vehicle registration and the Mandatory Liability Insurance Act.

COS Examples

Example: storing vehicle tag receipt and proof of vehicle liability insurance in the driving compartment


Identify responsibilities of owning and operating a vehicle, including factors involved in purchasing a vehicle, purchasing insurance, and maintaining a vehicle.

COS Examples

Examples: purchasing vehicle–fuel economy, financing purchasing vehicle; insurance–costs, types of coverage; vehicle maintenance–checking fluid levels, tire pressure, tire tread depth, and condition of belts


Explain basic maneuvers of driving, including steering, braking, passing, lane changing, merging, parking, signaling, and turning.

COS Examples

Examples: steering–hand-over-hand, push-pull-feed; braking–antilock brakes versus conventional brakes; parking–uphill with or without a curb, downhill with or without a curb, angle, perpendicular, parallel; turning–right, left, three-point


Describing effects of emotional and physical short-term impairments on driving

COS Examples

Examples: emotional–anger causing aggressive driving or road rage, extreme sadness causing lack of attention to driving; physical–suffering from illness, injury, fatigue


Describe driver responsibilities toward other highway users, including pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and drivers of commercial vehicles and buses.

COS Examples

Examples: recognizing locations where other highway users may appear, recognizing rights of other highway users, anticipating actions of other highway users, locating no zone“ areas of large vehicles analyzing stopping distances for large vehicles“


Identify dangerous driving situations that may occur on rural roads and urban streets.

COS Examples

Examples: rural roads–unfenced animals, slow-moving farm equipment, off-road vehicles; urban streets–parked cars, pedestrians, one-way thoroughfares


Describing correct procedures to follow when confronted with road emergencies and collisions

COS Examples

Examples: emergencies–tire failure, engine overheating, engine failure, objects in roadway, hydroplaning; collisions–head-on, side-impact, rear-end


Explaining methods to minimize risks during ideal conditions, adverse road conditions, and periods of reduced visibility

COS Examples

Examples: increasing following distance, using headlights, cleaning windshield often, reducing speed

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