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Subject-Verb Agreement Response Cards

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English Language Arts




This activity is designed to test students' knowledge of subject-verb agreement. Students will be given response cards that say or represent "Agree" and "Disagree." The teacher will read sentences and the students will hold up the appropriate card to show if the verb agrees or disagrees with the subject. This activity can be used as a preassessment. 

This learning activity was created as a result of the ALEX - Alabama Virtual Learning (AVL) Resource Development Summit.

    English Language Arts (2021) Grade(s): 5


    Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage in writing.

    Unpacked Content



    • Demonstrate
    • Command
    • Conventions
    • Standard English grammar
    • Standard English usage


    Students know:
    • Standard English grammar and usage conventions.


    Students are able to:
    • Demonstrate correct standard English grammar and word usage in writing.


    Students understand that:
    • Demonstrating command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing is necessary to convey meaning.
    English Language Arts (2021) Grade(s): 5


    Use subject-verb agreement correctly when composing and revising writing.

    Unpacked Content



    • Subject-verb agreement
    • Composing
    • Writing


    • A subject and its verb must both be singular or both plural.


    • Write sentences with correct subject-verb agreement.
    • Revise writing to ensure all sentences have correct subject-verb agreement.


    • To clearly communicate in writing, subjects and verbs must agree in number within each sentence.
    • Revising their writing can ensure it follows standard English grammar conventions.


    Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives

    The student will listen to a sentence read out loud and determine whether the verb agrees with the subject. 

    Activity Details

    The teacher will:

    1.  distribute the agree/disagree cards and explain the directions to the students.
    2. read each sentence from Subject-Verb Agreement Response Cards aloud providing time for students to respond with their “agree” or “disagree” sign and monitoring student responses for understanding.
    Assessment Strategies

    Assessment Strategies

    The teacher will use the response cards as a quick formative assessment to determine students' level of understanding of subject-verb agreement.


    If a student needs to be challenged, he or she should complete #3 on Lesson 5. 


    Lesson 5: Subject/Verb Agreement. (2014). Storyworks21(5), T10.

    If the link does not work, please visit the Alabama Virtual Library Website. 


    Click on the top left Elementary School tab. In the search bar at the top, type in "Lesson 5: Subject Verb Agreement." 

    He or she will need to be provided access either online or given a printed version of the article "Grammar Cop's Winning Olympic Facts." 


    Grammar Cop’s Winning Olympic Facts: Learn about the Olympic Games as you practice subject/verb agreement. (2020). Storyworks27(6), 27.

    This activity could be done in a small group with accelerated students while the teacher works with groups who need additional help. 


    Students who need extra help with the topic of subject-verb agreement should read and discuss Robin Kacel's article "Watch Out for the Exceptions" in a teacher-led small group. 


    Kacel, R. (2000). Watch Out for the Exceptions. Writing23(3), 26.

    If the link does not work, please visit the Alabama Virtual Library Website. 


    Click on the top left Elementary School tab. In the search bar at the top, type in "Watch out for the Exceptions." 

    Approximate Duration

    Total Duration

    0 to 15 Minutes

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    Background and Preparation

    Background / Preparation

    Teacher: This activity could be used as a preassessment. Students will need a refresher to the rules and special cases of this topic, in addition to what was covered in the previous grade's standards.

    Student: The students should be familiar with subject-verb agreement according to the previous grade's content standards and course of study. 

    Materials and Resources

    Materials and Resources


    * A copy of the Subject-Verb Agreement Response Cards Directions (The teacher will read the sentences out loud to the class.)


    * Response Cards - print, make copies, cut out, and laminate the response cards on the second page of the Subject-Verb Agreement Response Cards Directions if you do not want to create your own design. These can be easily made by cutting up squares of construction paper or other durable paper. The teacher may choose to make the Agree cards green and the Disagree cards red. Teachers may also want to write the words "Agree" and "Disagree" on the cards. In order to make them last longer, the teacher may choose to laminate them.


    * Response Cards (passed out by teacher prior to activity)

    *Notes on Subject-Verb Agreement (if teacher allows students to use any previous notes on Subject-Verb Agreement)

    Digital Tools / Resources