Connecting the Dots Counting 21 to 40

Learning Resource Type

Learning Activity

Subject Area

Digital Literacy and Computer Science


K, 1


ABCya provides a fun and educational interactive game that teaches students to count by ones from another number other than 1. In this particular connect the dots, students are counting by ones from the number 21 to 40. The game provides scaffolding after wrong attempts and gives accuracy in a percentage when the dots have been connected.


Mathematics (2019) Grade(s): KG


Count to 100 by ones beginning with any given number between 0 and 99.



  • Count


Students know:
  • how to rote count from 0 to 100 starting with any given number.


Students are able to:
  • orally count.


Students understand that:
  • Counting from 0 to 100 is a sequence and you can begin with any number.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to count from 21 to 40.

Students will be able to identify the next number in the counting sequence.

Activity Details

  1. As a whole group, small group, or individually, students will access the ABCya interactive "Connecting the Dots 21 to 40".
  2. Students will count from the given number of 21 to 40 by ones.
  3. Students will have to click on the number that correctly completes the sequence.
  4. Once all numbers have been placed correctly in sequence, the object they have "drawn" by connecting the dots will appear.

Assessment Strategies

After the dots 21 to 40 have been connected, the percentage of the student's accuracy is displayed in the top right hand corner of the interactive. The percentage can be used as an assessment for student's understanding of counting by ones starting from a number other than 1.

Background / Preparation

Teacher Preparation:

  • Access to internet
  • Access to ABCya "Connecting the Dots 21 to 40" interactive game (all necessary updates and plug-ins installed)

Student Preparation:

  • Students can count to 40 by ones.
  • Students can use a mouse to point and click objects on the screen.