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Teacher Talk

Dr. Jennifer "JiJi" Davis

    The school year is now underway.  Expectations have been established, routines have been practiced and student/teacher relationships are blossoming. You are now fully aware of the students in your classroom who need minimal redirection and also the few students who need daily redirection. Your class has progressed greatly since the first day of school. Meaningful learning is taking place, and your classroom is starting to truly feel like a family. This is a great time to implement classroom management strategies that will help motivate your students and encourage them to work together as a team.


ALEX Resource Development Summit for the 2023 Science ACOS

Join us in Mobile before AETC!

Certified K-12 Alabama educators are invited to apply for the ALEX - 2023 Science COS Resource Development Summit being held in Mobile on June 17-18, 2024. Selected participants will create interactive learning activities for the 2023 Alabama Course of Study: Science. As part of the Resource Development Summit, selected participants will develop engaging learning activities, attend the AL-STEM in the Gym Conference, and have the option to receive free registration for the Alabama Educational Technology Conference!

Learn more and apply now!

ALEX Learning Resource Templates

While our ALEX Personal Workspace is under construction, you still can access all of the ALEX Learning Resource templates! With the handy self-check feature, you'll be able to evaluate your work as you complete each component to ensure you are planning a high-quality learning experience for your students. Simply click the article title above to access the ALEX Learning Resource templates.

Click each of the links below to make a copy in your personal Drive:

If you need any additional assistance locating ALEX Learning Resources or guidance on instructional planning, please reach out to the ALEX Team!