English Language Arts (2021) Grade(s): 3


Determine the explicit or implied main idea and supporting details of a text.

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Students know:
  • The main idea is the most important idea presented in the text.
  • Sometimes an author will clearly state the main idea, while other times an author will merely suggest the main idea.
  • The supporting details explain the main idea or provide more information about the main idea.


Students are able to:
  • Identify the main idea in of a text.
  • Determine if the main idea is explicitly stated or implies.
  • Identify the supporting details of a text.


Students understand that:
  • Literary and informational texts have a main idea, or most important message, and supporting details, which provide more information about the main idea.
  • An author can choose to state the main idea in the text or provide clues to imply the main idea.
  • A text usually just has one main idea, but multiple supporting details.


  • Explicit main idea
  • Implied main idea
  • Supporting details