English Language Arts (2021) Grade(s): 2


Read and reread grade-appropriate text accurately, automatically, and with meaningful expression at a rate which supports comprehension.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • Accurately means reading without mistakes and automatically means knowing the words immediately without sounding them out.
  • Techniques to make appropriate changes in voice, pitch, and expression while reading orally.
  • Reading must occur at a speed (rate) that supports understanding of the text.
  • Rereading is a strategy that aids in word recognition and comprehension.


Students are able to:
  • Read and reread words that are second grade-appropriate with little to no mistakes.
  • Read words quickly without pausing to sound them out.
  • Read and reread at a pace that supports comprehension of the text.


Students understand that:
  • They should read text with accuracy, automaticity, and meaningful expression at a pace that helps them comprehend the text they are reading.
  • They can reread text to improve their accuracy, automaticity, and comprehension.


  • Reread
  • Grade-appropriate text
  • Accurately
  • Automatically
  • Meaningful expression
  • Rate which supports comprehension