English Language Arts (2021) Grade(s): 1


With prompting and support, write a narrative that recounts two or more appropriately sequenced events using transitions, incorporating relevant details, and providing a sense of closure.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • Narrative text describes a story in a series of events.
  • Events in a narrative are sequenced using transition words.
  • Narrative writing should include relevant details.
  • Narrative writing should end with a sense of closure.


Students are able to:
With prompting and support,
  • Write a narrative that recounts two or more appropriately sequenced events.
  • Use transition words in a narrative story.
  • Incorporate relevant details in a narrative story.
  • Provide a sense of closure when ending a narrative story.


Students understand that:
  • A narrative writing describes a sequence of events, uses transition words to show the chronological order of events, incorporates relevant details that are important to understand the story, and ends by providing the reader with a sense of closure.


  • Narrative
  • Appropriately sequenced events
  • Transitions
  • Relevant details
  • Sense of closure
  • Prompting
  • Support