English Language Arts (2021) Grade(s): KG


Uses spatial and temporal concepts correctly.

COS Examples

Examples: top/bottom, up/down, under/over, above/below, left/right, upside down/inside out, beginning/middle/end, first/next/last

Note: This is important as children learn to match print to speech to read, and speech to print to write.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • Spatial concepts are those related to location (i.e., up, down, middle, over, inside, under, etc.).
  • Temporal concepts are those related to time (i.e., before, after, first, next, last, etc.).


Students are able to:
  • Use spatial and temporal words correctly in content areas, such as finding the beginning, middle, and ending sound in a spoken word or tracking text from left to right.


Students understand that:
  • Spatial and temporal words are important for describing location and direction, even in reading words and completing math tasks.


  • Spatial concepts
  • Temporal concepts