Mathematics (2019) Grade(s): 6


Find the position of pairs of integers and other rational numbers on the coordinate plane.

Unpacked Content


Students know:
  • Strategies for creating coordinate graphs.
  • Strategies for finding vertical and horizontal distance on coordinate graphs.


Students are able to:
  • Graph points corresponding to ordered pairs,
  • Represent real-world and mathematical problems on a coordinate plane.
  • Interpret coordinate values of points in the context of real-world/mathematical situations.
  • Determine lengths of line segments on a coordinate plane when the line segment joins points with the same first coordinate (vertical distance) or the same second coordinate (horizontal distance).


Students understand that:
  • A graph can be used to illustrate mathematical situations and relationships. These representations help in conceptualizing ideas and in solving problems,
  • Distances on lines parallel to the axes on a coordinate plane are the same as the related distance on the axis (number line).


  • Coordinate plane
  • Quadrants
  • Coordinate values
  • ordered pairs
  • x axis
  • y axis
  • Reflection