• Identify recurring movement.
  • Create recurring movement.
  • Perform dance movements from a culture or genre and describe movement.
  • Identify meaning utilizing simple dance terminology.
  • Identify and explain movement to convey a theme or concept.

Essential Questions

EU: Perceive and analyze artistic work.
EQ: How is dance understood?

Skills Examples

  • Students create a call and response hand clapping rhythm and allow students to identify the pattern.
  • Students create a short phrase that includes a pattern of movement, then have other students identify the pattern.
  • View and/ or perform the Russian Troika, Charleston Bump, or Hoe Ana cultural dances.
  • Saut√© to show surprise, melt to show sadness, leap to show happiness.
  • Identify the characters and describe the story in a narrative dance.
  • Draw a picture and write a caption in response to a live or recorded performance of dance.
  • Create short sentence that tell a story and have students improvise movement to describe the sentence.

Anchor Standards

Anchor Standard 7: Perceive and analyze artistic work.