• Identify recurring movement.
  • Identify movements in culture dance or genre.
  • Utilize dance terminology to communicate.
  • Explain dance choices.

Essential Questions

EU: Perceive and analyze artistic work.
EQ: How is dance understood?

Skills Examples

  • View recorded or live dance phrases and identify patterns (i.e., Trisha Brown's Accumulation).
  • Observe an example of a simple canon.
  • Tap: flap, toe heel, shuffle, dig step
  • Ballet: plié, tendu, rond de jambe, chaîne
  • African Dance: hand waves, step touch, hops
  • View a recorded dance work and discuss what the dance may be about. Hypothesize the meaning of dance work (i.e., Alvin Ailey's Revelation, Martha Graham's Lamentation).
  • Improvise movement to specific music to evoke specific emotion
  • Explore and explain dance choices (i.e., Shaking hands to express frustration, holding heart to express love, pointing to ring finger to express marriage, saluting to express patriotism).

Anchor Standards

Anchor Standard 7: Perceive and analyze artistic work.