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Angry Birds

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Physical Education


K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


This learning activity focuses on kicking with power and accuracy. The objective of the game is to kick the ball and knock over the other team's targets. While doing so, students will also be defending their targets by trapping the ball. This game is formatted to be played competitively (team against team), but teachers could modify this game to be a continuous format by having students be responsible to reset the targets. 

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): KG


    Attempt to pass and trap a slow-moving ball.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): KG


    Kick a stationary ball, planting foot and making contact with shoelaces.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 1


    Pass and trap a moving ball in a static environment, demonstrating correct form.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 1


    Approach a stationary ball, make contact below center line, and kick it forward.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 2


    Pass and trap a ball with accuracy to a partner, using varying force and distance.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 2


    Demonstrate kicking skills by:

    • Using a running approach towards a stationary ball with correct form.

    • Attempting to make contact with a moving ball.

    • Attempting to kick a dropped ball/object, making contact with shoelaces.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 3


    Demonstrate a continuous running approach to kick a ball along the ground and in the air.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 4


    Demonstrate kicking skills using correct form with:

    • A ball at a target for accuracy from varying distances.

    • A dropped ball/ object, making contact with shoelaces.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 5


    Demonstrate correct form in kicking and punting in partner and small-group activities.

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